(Listed in chronological order)


A young woman tries to get up the nerve to cross a bridge she knows she is destined to cross.

Content Guide: Quirky, introspective. No spooks.

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Something rather disturbing happens when the hippie sister of an unemployed but driven professional brings home a strange orchid.

Content Guide:

Botanical infection horror. Big spooks!

You Can’t Kidnap a Baby

A young paranormal investigator looking into a reportedly haunted house encounters a little boy in danger.

Content Guide:

Spooky, scary house.

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A young woman goes to a family reunion seeking to uncover the mystery of what goes on at these meetings and gets far more than she bargained for.

Content Guide:

Low fantasy. Mild spooks.

A Hole in the Sky

A young creature and his sister investigate something strange in the skies above their home.

Content Guide:

High fantasy. Much cuteness, no spooks.