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A faeble who once lived with one of the sylvie groves, or clans, of North Caladavan. In the 271st year of the Diamascene reign, he was commissioned by Lord Hexton to guide a voyage taking Lady Laia Hexton on the Blackbird through the Gulf of Caladavan. By most accounts, he accepted this commission against his will. The Blackbird eventually arrived in South Caladavan, several hundred miles from its intended destination, with less than a third of the original crew still living.

Other reports of events going on the Gulf of Caladvan indicate this was most likely not his fault. Though he is believed to have invaluable information regarding such events, the Observatory has so far been unsuccessful in locating him.



The sylvie are a diverse group, resulting from the intermarriage of humans and dryads. Thus their appearance and habits vary greatly with the type of dryad ancestral to the group, and their cultural and biological closeness to humans or to dryads.

Sylvie society is organized into tribe-like groups known as groves. They are composed of one or more ancestral dryads, their direct descendants, and their adopted or biological kin. Adoption is common in sylvie society, so much so that sylvie are seldom raised by their own parents. Giving a child for adoption is considered a way to strengthen bonds between families. Sylvie have large families with between 4 and 8 children.

The nearest direct descendant of the ancestral dryad is usually considered the leader of the group, while the dryad acts as a revered source of wisdom for all grove members, and especially in times of particular trouble. This direct descendant is normally refered to as the “elder” sylvie, whether or not they are actually the oldest member of the grove. Possibly after the practice some have of referring to fae folk, and especially full-blooded fae, as “elder folk.”

The sylvie are an extremely long-lived people, their life spans ranging between 800-1000 years. This makes them very long lived for a faeble, but is only to be expected as dryads can attain ages of over 3000 years. Sylvie are considered adults at about 200 years, and this is usually the century in which they have their first child.