This is the home base for all the creative doings of Natasha Ruhwald. Here you can find information on my novels, short fiction, and other random things. Below you will find information on my latest release, currently my debut novel “Black Dog of the Sea,” (sequel coming Summer 2023! Shh, don’t tell anyone!) Up above you’ll see links to my author bio, my “blog” where I post semi-regular updates. Soon I hope to offer additional resources on the story world I write about, including maps, character biographies, timelines, and more. There are a few character bio’s already in my blog, so go ahead and check that out if you’d like.

Knowledge is power. Power is a curse

“…great adventure story teeming with action and mystery!”

– reader review

Now available to purchase here.

Corvin is forced to watch helplessly as his family’s home is scorched by a pyromancer’s demonic fire. To spare them further harm, he must agree to guide a voyage across waters infested by mer pirates and haunted by an ancient evil, using powers he barely knew he had.

But others on the voyage are not happy to have him aboard, including Lady Hexton, who was forced to undertake the voyage by her father. And Commander Hardeton, a blood-thirsty man who is far more than he seems.

When the crew’s distrust of him finally boils over into a violent mutiny, Corvin is forced to take a life to escape. He came on the voyage to protect the adopted family he left behind, but now he seems to have more in common with the monsters around him.

“You Can’t Kidnap a Baby” Published!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for some exciting news! The 21st edition of Scare Street’s Night Terrors anthology has been released, and it features my short story “You Can’t Kidnap a Baby.” Check it out here.